It's hypocritical that Parks Canada has the power to develop and expand parking lots, as it sees fit. 

In the past couple of years, Parks Canada has spent money developing the parking facilities of their attractions. At Banff Sunshine Village, we find it confusing why they can develop their parking lots, however, no matter what we suggest to improve our parking facility it gets denied. At Banff Sunshine Village, we've submitted eight feasible parking solutions that protect the environmental integrity of the area.

For us, life in the Canadian Rockies is nature and mankind living in harmony. The public's enjoyment of our national parks is something we believe in, and something that needs protection. Parks Canada shares our mandate of guest experience and enjoyment. For us, the ban on our access road parking will have a negative impact on the guest experience to Banff Sunshine, and the accessibility and enjoyment of Banff Sunshine. We don't understand why Parks is willing to develop under used attractions by building large parking lots, yet refuses to work with us to better the guest experience. Below are several examples where Parks Canada has significantly developed their own parking lots to improve the visitor experience.

Some recent parking expansions include:

  • The parking lot at Valley of the Five Lakes (Jasper National Park)
  • The parking lot at Bridge 5 on the Maligne River (Jasper National Park)
  • The parking lot at Bridge 6 on the Maligne River (Jasper National Park)
  • The parking lot at the Cave and Basin (Banff National Park)

We at Banff Sunshine Village have submitted eight reasonable and unique parking expansion proposals. Parks Canada has turned down all of our eight parking expansion proposals. Now, Parks Canada has threatened to prohibit overflow parking on the access road which has safely been in effect for 40 years.

Please urge your friends and family members to visit and fill out the email template. Emails will be sent to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Minister of the Environment and Climate Change Catherine McKenna. Canada's National Parks are for the people of Canada to use and enjoy. Our elected officials in Ottawa should intervene to keep the parks accessible for Canadians, and to encourage Parks Canada to reverse the parking ban until a solution to the public’s needs is implemented!