Ride the South Side Chutes off Goat's Eye Express! 

(Photo: Dan Hudson)

(Photo: Dan Hudson, South Side Chutes @Banff Sunshine Village)

The South Side Chutes at Banff Sunshine Village are NOW OPEN for the season. Three cheers for Mother Nature and our Snow Safety Team for getting the challenging double black terrain open for skiers and snowboarders to enjoy. 

The beauty of Banff Sunshine Village is that there is extreme skiing and snowboarding for skiers and snowboarders of all levels. For first time skiers, the thrill of linking turns down Strawberry’s Dell Valley will leave a lasting smile of the new skiers face, and for the extreme skier, the wild double blacks off Goat’s Eye will leave you insatiable for more.

Thanks to the recent snow and the balmy temperatures our snow safety team has been able to perform the necessary avalanche control work to mitigate the snow risks in the South Side Chutes. Snow Safety will be opening the lower chutes, off of the ski path to the public this family day weekend.

A challenge for snow safety regarding the South Side Chutes is the south facing slopes of the terrain. South Facing terrain is more prone to being sun and wind affected. The recent warm weather received in the Rockies has created a solid snow layer that has allowed snow safety to open the terrain, explained Scott Wilson (Snow Safety Supervisor).

Snow Safety would like to advise skiers and snowboarders to ride with caution and a buddy when riding in the South Side Chutes, as unmarked hazards and debris may be present.

For Skiers and snowboarders taking a ride on our wild or far side, enjoy the SNOW, There are some great turns to be had.