Banff Sunshine Village's COO, Dave Riley, talks Sunshine Parking Solution on Mountain FM

Hear Dave Riley, speak with Rob and Tanya from Mountain FM about Banff Sunshine Village's Parking Solution. 

Since the 1970's guests of Banff Sunshine Village have been using the Sunshine Access Road as parking. In the 70's Banff Sunshine Village was granted by Parks Canada the ability to build and develop a World Class Ski Resort that could accommodate over 6,500 skiers a day; while only being granted parking for 4,000 guests.

For the past 40 years, parking has been the biggest challenge and limitation for Banff Sunshine Village. As a company, we have presented numerous parking proposals. Our initial concept was to build parking facilities on land in our leasehold. The decision to create parking on leasehold land was shot down by Parks Canada. In the aftermath of Park's refusal to allow parking on our benchland, we took the suggestion from Park's Canada and started looking for parking solutions off-site.

We found several feasible off-site parking solutions and brought them each forward to Parks Canada. At the time of presentation, we believed that we were working with Parks Canada to find a solution that was mutually beneficial and would enhance the visitor experience to Banff National Park. At Banff Sunshine Village our mandate is to make all guests of our resort fall in love with the Canadian Rockies so that they become advocates for our area and the environment. For us, ease of accessibility to our mountain parks is something we believe in. People need to see and experience the magic of the Canadian Rockies, as it has the power to inspire personal change and growth.

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