Charleston Hughes Winter Fun Day @ Banff Sunshine Village

Yesterday players from the Calgary Stampeders swapped their football cleats for Snowboard Boots as they partook in “Charleston Hughes Winter Fun Day.”

The CFL All-Star defenseman (Hughes finished the 2016 football season with the league's most tackles) organized his winter fun day to celebrate the thrill of winter recreation in his adopted province of Alberta.

For his day of Winter Fun, Hughes brought along: Stampeders punter Rob Maver, linebacker Alex Singleton, kicker Rene Paredes, and defensive back Adam Thibault. On the slopes, Hughes once again led the team in on-mountain tackles. “The man is fearless,” said teammate Alex Singelton.

“It was impressive riding with the athletes,” said the team's instructor Lauren, “They listened well and picked up the sport quickly.” By the end of the day Paredes, who had never snowboarded before was linking his turns and riding down Angel Express.

Resort staff was impressed by the snowboard skills of Quebec native Adam Thibault and Alex Singleton. i. The boys were slashing powder and hot lapping Hell’s Kitchen off of Goat’s Eye Express.

“I’ve never ridden snow like this, I’ve never ridden snow this deep!” exclaimed Thibault “this mountain is incredible.”