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Summer at Sunshine

Multi-Week Ski School   

Canadian Culture. Culture is defined as the beliefs, customs, arts, and norms of a particular society. For Canada, our culture is not so easily definable. We’re a country comprised of vast land difference, extreme weather, natural resources, and we are a population made up of many different countries.

The word Canada comes from the Iroquoian word Kanata meaning village. At Banff Sunshine Village we believe that Canadian Culture is one of friendliness and acceptance. In our mountain village, we believe that Canadian Culture is about friendship, teamwork, and resilience.

Through the determination of early settlers, our country was united by the Canadian Pacific Railway. Through exploration, the greatest natural wonders of our country, such as Banff National Park, were discovered, and through friendship, the challenges of settling our country triumphed.

Canada is home. In celebration of Canada 150, our friend and Canada 150 Culture Ambassador Jimmy Rankin, asked us to pose with him for his Canada 150 photos. For Jimmy, Canada is about the people, places, and music that are uniquely Canadian.

Banff Sunshine Village is uniquely Canadian.